"Roger was a pleasure to work with. He is a great thought partner with a very user-friendly approach to his work and solutions. His cutting edge technical expertise combined with his in-depth understanding of learning and development enabled him to deliver a product that was above and beyond expectations."

- Michelle Blieberg,
Chief Learning Officer
UBS Investment Bank

ubs screenshot UBS logo

UBS Investment Bank  |  www.ubs.com

In order to gain a complete understanding of the systems that enable talent management and development programs, UBS' Investment Bank Division wanted a review of the current state of those systems.

We identified gaps and disconnects among the systems that could inhibit the realization of the Bank's strategic vision for talent management and development.

This assessment set the stage for subsequent work that will enhance and unify the overall systems architecture in support the strategic vision.




Genentech screenshot Genentech logo

Genentech  |  www.genentech.com

Genentech wanted to clarify its internal promotions process for all employees and provide guidance for managers on how to apply the process fairly across the organization.

We designed and project-managed the development of a one-hour e-learning course using Flash, voiceover and video with high levels of learner interaction. Post-course evaluations show goals were overwhelmingly achieved.

"MyPage was a huge success. Roger conceived, planned and executed the project superbly. His vision and leadership fundamentally changed the way employees interact with HR saving money, time and enhancing retention."

- Eileen Schloss,
former VP of Human Resources

Apple screenshot Apple logo

Apple  |  www.apple.com

HR services for Apple employees were conducted primarily on paper, making interaction with HR time-consuming, inconsistent and sometimes challenging.

MyPage solved these issues with a unified portal for employees to view and edit personalized information and manage HR transactions, including:

  • Online pay vouchers
  • ESPP enrollment
  • Paid time off requests & approvals
  • Timecard management
  • Performance reviews

"Roger was fundamental to the success of this global effort. His ability to grasp the big picture, quickly produce technical solutions to business challenges and his understanding of the global labor force were key to the success of this project. He was a real joy to work with."

- Valerie Williams
former SVP of Human Resources

Borland screenshot Borland logo

Borland  |  www.borland.com

Borland was acquiring a new business and divesting itself of another on an international scale. Management was not confident that the HR systems required to support these activities would meet the business needs.

We developed a cost effective database solution for this global initiative providing senior management with the dynamic reporting they needed to make crucial business decisions. The solution took into account the global employee population, level and tenure, labor statutes by country and cost to term.